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Jorn’s Sugar Bush

Maple syrup has been around the Jorns family since 1857 when Grandfather Ferndinand Jorns arrived in Door County from Germany. But the production of Maple Syrup dates back to the Native Americans. They would gauge the side of the tree with a stone ax and insert a spout made from just a piece of park,…

The Warren Family

Meet the Warren Family! William H. Warren was one of the oldest settlers in Door County. He was born on October 26, 1814 in the state of New York. He spent a majority of his early years at sea, until arriving to Sturgeon Bay in 1855. William helped build Door County. He was a land…

Pioneer Store/Ruckert’s

The Pioneer Store in Ellison Bay, WI is a commodity to many in Northern Door County history. Surrounded now by relatively modern buildings, restaurants, and attractions, the Pioneer Store’s late-1800s general store look catches many visitor’s eyes when travelling up the county. This appearance may seem like a play on the turn of the 20th…

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