Eagle Bluff Light Station

Eagle Bluff Light Station is opening on Monday, July 20th

Masks are REQUIRED inside the building! Thank you!

10249 Shore Road • Fish Creek • Wisconsin

As the Civil War’s firestorm was extinguished, and the North and South stood once more united, pioneers discovered the riches of northeastern Wisconsin. But the trek westward from the cultured east coast was challenging, an arduous journey of hundreds of miles across the frontier. Traveling through the St. Lawrence Seaway, down the Erie Canal, and through the Great Lakes, the schooners and steamboats carried immigrants and settlers. The journey was long and difficult…the waters dangerous.  If not for the lighthouses hugging the shoreline, clinging to rocky bluffs, or speckling solitary islands, many a ship would never have seen dry land.

Perched on a bluff 76 feet above Green Bay’s glistening waters, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse’s lamp brought solace to many a sailor suffering through a storm’s gale or the dark of night. Today the tradition of the lighthouse continues. Restored to its past glory, by the Door County Historical Society, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is a tribute to the keepers who kept the lamp burning on many a dark and stormy night.

Guiding guests through the lighthouse and its grounds, knowledgeable tour guides share the personal stories of the keepers who manned the light from 1868 – 1926. Decorated with some of the keepers’ original furnishings, as well as authentic period antiques, the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse tells the story of not only the men who toiled through the night, but also their wives and children.

A visit to Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum provides a glimpse into the past…the maritime and navigational history that is the peninsula’s legacy to the future. In memory of the past keepers and their dedication to providing safe passage, that Eagle Bluff Lighthouse Museum continues in their tradition.